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Sep 23, 2022

This time on Video Game Tango we’ve got the GTA 6 leaks, graphics card news, Sins of a Solar Empire 2 news, Warhammer Darktide news, Star Citizen news, Cyberpunk news, and news about your favorite gaming flavored podcast!

Sep 16, 2022

This week on Video Game Tango the guys are all over the best-in-show games of Nintendo Direct and Sony's State of Play! Nick's also got some really cool ARG news from Stellaris content creators!

Sep 9, 2022

This time on Video Game Tango we have leaks from Bioshock 4, and Josh and I have a bunch of fantastic indie games shown at Pax West 2022! Make sure you head over to the blog at for links to the Bioshock 4 leaks, and a MASSIVE list of indie games showcased at PAX West with trailers and links to their...

Sep 2, 2022

This time on Video Game Tango we’ve got 15 amazing looking indie games for you from the indie games showcase at Gamescom 2022! Remember to check out the blog over at where you can find all 73 indie games, their release dates, their Steam links and tons of demos available now!

Aug 28, 2022

We’ve got Gamescom this week, and it brings along with it 38 new games to talk about, and if you get lost along the way make sure you check out the blog over at for a full list of all the games along with their Steam links, the platforms they’re available on, and their release dates.