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Jan 22, 2022

We came back a week early from our break, in emergency fashion because Activision Blizzard has been purchased by Microsoft for nearly 70 BILLION DOLLARS! What does this mean for the future of these companies? What about Bobby Kotick? What does this mean for the industry. What does this mean for gamers?

Jan 7, 2022

On this episode we discuss announcements from NVidia, AMD, and Playstation (including PSVR2!), games to look forward to this season, and our initial thoughts on Anacrusis. After the break we talk The Book of Boba Fett, Disney's use of Star Wars, and the potential for Star Wars burnout, as well as Cobra Kai!

Dec 31, 2021

On this episode of The Video Game Tango Podcast we discuss new Activision Blizzard accusations from it's employees, Riot's harassment and intolerance lawsuit settlement, Titanfall 2's upcoming savior in the form of a mod allowing for player-hosted servers, announcements from NVidia, AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution,...

Dec 24, 2021

On this episode of The Video Game Tango Podcast we talk the second season of The Witcher on Netflix, Improvements to older titles for the Steam Deck, and our picks for the Steam Winter Sale! After the break, it's all The Matrix: Resurrections, baby! (SPOILERS!)

Dec 17, 2021

On this episode of Video Game Tango we've got more Bobby Watch, followed by a deep dive into The Game Awards, The Matrix Awakens, child exploitation in Roblox, and more!