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Aug 4, 2023

This time on Video Game Tango we dive in with Dave the Diver, We square off with Square Enix and their commitment to bring more games (including Final Fantasy 14) to XBOX, we jump into the void with Voidigo and Doomsday hunters, then we Rogally and Deck it for a minute before showing off Showgunners and seiging for loot in Starsiege Deadzone! And after all that, it’s just Baldur’s gate, baby!

Dave the Diver - DAVE THE DIVER is a casual, singleplayer adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing during the day and sushi restaurant management at night. Join Dave and his quirky friends as they seek to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole. - MINTROCKET (Steam, Available Now)

Square Enix Plans to Bring More of Its Games to Xbox (Article by GameRant)

Showgunners - As a contestant on a high stakes reality game show of the future, you must survive a dangerous urban environment packed with traps, confounding puzzles, and heavily armed psychopaths. Turn-based combat in hand crafted levels, built for entertainment. - Artificer (Steam, Available Now)

Andy talks about his experience using the ROG Ally and the Steam Deck side-by-side! Both handheld consoles have plenty going for them in specs, price, and availability, as well as playability. While both consoles have some significant differences, they are both meant to be handheld PCs. While the platforms don’t replace the desktop or laptop experience, they greatly improve portability! Andy was able to test a handful of games on both devices: Diablo 4, DMC Devil May Cry, Rocket League, and Stardew Valley. All of the games performance were totally acceptable for such a device, and proved that this is a segment of the gaming space that’s viable and has some serious potential to grow. 

While both handhelds offered pleasant gaming experiences, we’ve gotta give the crown to the Steam Deck. First and foremost, battery life goes hands-down to the Steam Deck. And while the ROG Ally provides a full-featured version of Windows, Windows might be the biggest pitfall between the two handhelds. While having a familiar operating system in your hands certainly has its positives, SteamOS is very capable, and feels more thought-out than just slapping Windows on a handheld. Check out the podcast for more thoughts on the devices, and a more thorough discussion!

Voidingo - A vividly animated action roguelite focused on boss hunting. Unleash an array of diverse weapons and powerups to combat the corruption of the Void. semiwork (Steam, Available Now)

Doomsday Hunters - Shoot stuff in a perfect pixel world, combine items, build guns, die every time! Roguelite twin-stick shooter where magic and post-apocalyptic future technologies collide. Defeat evil lord Dracula and save everyone! - Moregames (Steam, Available Now)

Some Xbox Controllers Getting New Feature (Article by GameRant)

Starsiege: Deadzone - Starsiege: Deadzone is a corridor extraction shooter set in the far reaches of space. Delve into derelict space stations overrun by hostile Cybrids in search of valuable resources. Group up with 2 squadmates, fight against other Raiders, and escape alive. - Prophecy Games (Steam, Early Access)

Delete your Baldur's Gate 3 early access saves and uninstall the game, say Larian (Article by Rock Paper Shotgun)

Baldur's Gate 3 Won't Set The Standards For RPGs, Says Larian (Article by TheGamer)

Baldur’s Gate 3 - Baldur’s Gate 3 is a story-rich, party-based RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where your choices shape a tale of fellowship and betrayal, survival and sacrifice, and the lure of absolute power. - Larian Studios (Steam, Available Now)