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Aug 11, 2023

It looks like Sony has thrown in the towel, and is working with Microsoft and Activision Blizzard to make a deal on Call of Duty, then we have the Early Access release of Dark and Darker, followed by an awesome Humble Bundle deal for all the mainline Resident Evil games for 35 bucks! Then we give our extensive review on the first chapter of Baldur’s Gate 3!


Microsoft And Sony Finally Reach Deal For The Future Of Call Of Duty On PlayStation - Article by Kotaku


Dark and Darker Releases in Early Access, But There’s a Catch - Article by GameRant


Dark and Darker - An unforgiving hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure. Band together with your friends and use your courage, wits, and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat gruesome monsters, while staying one step ahead of the other devious treasure-hunters. - IRONMACE (, Early Access)


Get All The Mainline Resident Evil Games For Just $35 - Article by Kotaku

After some news, Andy, Nick, and Josh discuss their experience with Baldur’s Gate 3 (Steam, Available Now) and their adventures in Chapter 1. Each one of The Guys has had vastly different experiences with the game. Have any of them been bad? Listen or watch the podcast to get their deep-dive in the games narrative, story, and mechanics!