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Oct 28, 2023

XBOX Partner Preview shows us some games to look forward to, Nick shows us some games we can play now, and Josh and I talk about nerdy numbers and specs and whatnot!

XBOX Partner Preview - XBOX wants to put the spotlight on it’s 3rd party developers, feeling they haven’t shared much of the limelight since the announcement to acquire Activision Blizzard King. So let’s not forget that there are games coming from other developers other than them, and Bethesda! Check out these upcoming games from Konami and more! 

Buy Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Edition - Take command of a civilization that has just achieved faster-than-light travel in Galactic Civilizations IV, the newest entry in the award-winning space 4X strategy game series. Explore the galaxy, colonize worlds, shape cultures, make alliances, fight wars and pioneer new technologies. - Stardock Entertainment (Steam, available now)

Whoa, Alan Wake II’s PC Requirements Aren’t Screwing Around -  Article by Kotaku

Backpack Battles - The inventory management auto battler! Buy rare and legendary items to build powerful setups. Then battle other players with it. - PlayWithFurcifer (Steam, available April 2024, demo available now)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth takes around 40 hours to beat, and you won't start from level 1 - Article by GamesRadar

ENDLESS™ Dungeon - ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a Rogue-lite Tactical Action game, set in the award-winning ENDLESS™ Universe. Recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, plunge into a long-abandoned space station, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again. - AMPLITUDE Studios (Steam, available now)

PS5 Slim Disc Drive Comes With Bizarre Online Requirements - Article by Kotaku

Nvidia Could Be Working on New Arm-Based Processors for Windows - Article by GameRant

Twitch allows simulcasting to it’s direct competitors! This means that, excluding partners with exclusivity clauses in their contract, Twitch streamers can now stream to platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Kick and more! This comes with some guidelines later posted in their Terms of Service.