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Mar 31, 2023

This week WB has announced that they’re taking away Multiversus until next year! What are you going to do with that season pass and all the DLC you bought until then? The Last of Us Part 1 PC port is a buggy mess. Then: Bobby Kotick shames Sony in the most back-handed fun way in an open letter. Super Mario 64 speed runs have been perfected. Josh shares his thoughts on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nick, Russ and Andy talk about their experiences playing the indie game Necesse!


WB is shutting down MultiVersus claiming the ‘open beta’ is over - KitGuru

Despite players paying for DLC and Season Passes for WB’s Multiversus, WB has decided to take the game out of open beta, and remove access to online features of the game until “early 2024”. 


The Last of Us Part 1 PC And Steam Deck Port Is Getting Torn Apart - GameSpot

The Last of Us Part 1 PC port is being criticized for performance issues and bugs plaguing the game on release. The Steam community as of writing has reviewed the game 10,231 times, and reviews are “Mostly Negative”. Who is responsible for shipping such a poorly optimized, buggy port? 


The Last of Us™ Part I - Experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters in The Last of Us™, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards. - Playstation PC LLC (Steam, available now)


Bobby Kotick Calls Out PlayStation In Email To Whole World

Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision Blizzard) has written in an open email that despite Sony’s worries, that if the Activision Blizzard acquisition by Microsoft goes through as planned, Sony shouldn’t worry about the Call of Duty creators creating inferior versions of their games just to slight Sony.


The Most Perfect Super Mario 64 Speedrun Ever Just Happened!

Super Mario 64 speedrunner “Suigi” has completed a perfect, or near-perfect speedrun of Mario 64 with no major mistakes. Generally speaking, mistakes are commonplace during speedruns, as speedrunners have to make complex pixel-perfect movements in order to execute “glitches” or keep their run-time as low as possible. In this case though, it seems “Suigi” has created a new SM64 speedrun record…And unless the speedrun meta changes, he may hold that title for a LONG time!


Josh has been playing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and has mostly positive things to say about it. Despite a luke-warm release, and a less-than-stellar review average on launch, it seems the Steam community in general has enjoyed the game, as 19,791 users have accumulated a “Mostly Positive” review of the game. A definite recommendation from Josh if you’re into linear third-person action adventure single-player games, or Marvel comics!


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos with a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In this action-adventure game, you are Star-Lord leading the unpredictable Guardians from one explosion of chaos to the next. You got this. Probably. - Eidos-Montréal (Steam, available now)


Nick, Russ, and Andy have been playing the indie game “Necesse”. Necesse is an early-access game created by a single developer team, and combines farm sim with survival crafting, dungeon crawling, village building, and exploration in one package. The game launched in early access late 2019, and has since gathered a cult following. It’s no surprise either, as the vast majority of the systems and gameplay have been well thought-out, progression makes sense, and there is a ton of procedurally-generated world to explore. The game also has some of the most comprehensive item-sorting systems (something a lot of “similar” titles lack in our opinions) we have ever seen! If you’ve played games like Minecraft, Terraria, RimWorld, or Stardew Valley, we highly recommend you pick up this gem, especially when it’s normal sale price is just $9.99 (though it has been on sale twice already in the 2 weeks since we discovered it!)


Necesse - Necesse is a top-down sandbox action-adventure game in a procedurally generated world. Progress your character's gear and settlement through fighting, mining, exploring, crafting, trading and more! - Mads Skovgaard (Steam, early access available now)