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Dec 31, 2021

On this episode of The Video Game Tango Podcast we discuss new Activision Blizzard accusations from it's employees, Riot's harassment and intolerance lawsuit settlement, Titanfall 2's upcoming savior in the form of a mod allowing for player-hosted servers, announcements from NVidia, AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution,...

Dec 24, 2021

On this episode of The Video Game Tango Podcast we talk the second season of The Witcher on Netflix, Improvements to older titles for the Steam Deck, and our picks for the Steam Winter Sale! After the break, it's all The Matrix: Resurrections, baby! (SPOILERS!)

Dec 17, 2021

On this episode of Video Game Tango we've got more Bobby Watch, followed by a deep dive into The Game Awards, The Matrix Awakens, child exploitation in Roblox, and more!

Dec 10, 2021

On this episode of the Video Game Tango Podcast we discuss the Raven Studios walk-out, the upcoming #thegameawards and what's in store. Plus Amazon Game Studios has started banning players with "fart" in their name. Poop is okay though? Then we talk about the upcoming GTA5 content, and after the break, Russ and I talk...

Dec 3, 2021

This time on Video Game Tango we have more Bobby Watch, news, and live-action Cowboy Bebop! After the break, we ask ourselves what video game scenario we would travel to with our friends....To die?