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Jun 29, 2023

Bobby Kotick is doing Bobby Kotick things again! And did Activision Blizzard just leak DayZ 2? Also we’ve got more demos for you from Steam Next Fest, and FINALLY - Battlebit Remastered is here!

Sony's Jim Ryan: Kotick asked to negotiate Call of Duty to 'cover himself' if merger fails. - Article by TweakTown

DayZ 2 Leaked by Court Documents - Article by GameRant

Luna Abyss - Luna Abyss is a single player story driven action-adventure with fluid platforming and bullet hell combat. Follow the journey of Fawkes, a prisoner of Luna caught between a cryptic prophecy and their prison sentence. - Bonsai Collective - Steam, Demo Available, Coming Soon)

Viewfinder - Challenge perception, redefine reality, and reshape the world around you with an instant camera. Viewfinder is a new single player game offering gamers hours of interesting and fun experiences while uncovering the mysteries left behind. - Sea Owl Studios (Steam, Demo Available, July 18th 2023)

Norland - Norland is a medieval kingdom sim that generates stories. Manage your noble family and face with class society, crime, slave revolts, religious conflict, economic issues, personal relations, treachery, secret murders, and spectacular battles. - Long Jaunt (Steam, Demo Available, Coming Soon)

Hammerwatch 2 - Gather your heroes and journey beyond the dungeons of Castle Hammerwatch to explore a pixelated world like never before. Aid King Roland’s resistance while helping villagers along the way. Battle beasts, finish off hordes of the undead, and face the forces of evil. - Crackshell (Steam, Demo Available, August 15th 2023)

REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM - A challenging turn-based tactical RPG that transports you into a medieval apocalyptic infestation. Your survivors are fragile, and every step you take could be your last. - Black Anchor (Steam, Coming Soon) 

Battlebit Remastered - BattleBit Remastered is a low-poly, massive multiplayer FPS, supporting 254 players per server. Battle on a near-fully destructible map with various vehicles! -SgtOkiDoki, Vilaskis, TheLiquidHorse (Steam, Available Now)