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Feb 16, 2024

This week we played Helldivers 2 and the first of two demos for one of the worst named video games of all time - Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth! Then we dive into the unethical way the military is influencing your kids. Abiotic factor takes us back to the heyday of the Half-Life era, and Larian reminds us they made a great game and continue to make it greater. Lastly we discuss Millenia, a game that might give Civ a run for it’s money!

Helldivers 2 - The Galaxy’s Last Line of Offence. Enlist in the Helldivers and join the fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy in a fast, frantic, and ferocious third-person shooter. - Arrowhead Game Studios (Steam, PS5, available now)

The US military is embedded in the gaming world. Its target: teen recruits - Article by The Guardian

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth - FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the highly anticipated new story in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators. In this game, players will enjoy various new elements as the story unfolds, culminating in the party’s journey to “The Forgotten Capital” from the original FINAL FANTASY VII. - (PS5, Feb 29th 2024)

Abiotic Factor - Abiotic Factor is a survival crafting experience for 1-6 players set in the depths of an underground research facility. Caught between paranormal containment failure, a military crusade, and chaos from a dozen realms, the world’s greatest minds must survive against the universe’s biggest threats. - Deep Field Games (Steam, May 2nd 2024)

Everything We Know About Baldur’s Gate 3’s Sixth Big Patch - Article by Kotaku

Millennia - Create your own nation in Millennia, a historical turn-based 4X game that challenges your strategic prowess across 10,000 years of history, from the dawn of humanity to our possible futures. - C Prompt Games (Steam, Coming Soon)